Habitare’s EcoDesign Special Exhibtion presents responsible design

Habitare’s EcoDesign exhibition presents eco-friendly design. This year, the designs were made of certified wood in such a way that 80% of the designed product had to be wood, while the other materials used had to be recyclable. The EcoDesign exhibition acts as a reminder that we should make sustainable development a priority in all design activities. A well-designed and responsibly produced and manufactured product is durable, has a long life cycle, and the materials used can be recycled.

Habitare’s EcoDesign invitational exhibition presents unique products that have been manufactured using certified wood. The exhibition includes works by 37 designers, from which the jury chose this year’s EcoDesign award winners. This year, the award goes to Yuka Takahashi, Inni Pärnänen and Tomi Laukkanen. The €3,000 award is donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation. PEFC Finland awarded high-quality Finnish timber worth 1000 euros to a design which demonstrated the best use of certified wood.

The cooperation partners of the EcoDesign exhibition were: PEFC Finland and Motiva.

EcoDesign award divided between three designers at Habitare

The designer Yuka Takahashi receives a €2,000 award for a furniture solution for small living spaces. According to the jury, the concept is well-designed and practical. A €500 award goes to the designer Inni Pärnänen, who has commendably researched thin, heat-treated plywood and has applied various techniques to it. Another €500 award goes to Tomi Laukkanen for his wooden stool, which features a technically innovative and aesthetically harmonious joint structure.

The jury also awarded two honourable mentions. The designer and cabinetmaker Rudi Merz receives praise for the refined joining technique and fine finish of his drop-leaf table. The jury also liked the designer Elina Helenius’ acoustic element, saying that it is aesthetically beautiful and that the design makes exceptionally good use of materials.

According to the jury, all the designs that were featured in the EcoDesign exhibition demonstrate good design and knowledge of materials. The exhibition includes a number of young designers, who can be expected to make great contributions to furniture design in the future.

This year, the EcoDesign jury included the Professor Yrjö kukkapuro (chair); the Professor Anne Stenros from Aalto University ; the designers Mikko Paakkanen and Samuli Naamanka; an expert in sustainable development from Motiva, Riitta Lempiäinen; and the producer of the EcoDesign exhibition, Jari Pirhonen.



Designers of EcoDesign exhibition

Alanen, Jussi
Anttila, Tapio
Elo, Susan
Furukawa, Jun
& Sato, Yuka
Harni, Pekka
Heeffer, Willem
& Karsikas, Ilja
Heikkinen, Kristoffer
& Kutvonen, Hanna

Helenius, Elina
& Innofusor Oy
& Nikkanen, Hilja
Koho, Seppo
Kukkapuro, Yrjö
Kärki, Anne
Laukkanen, Tomi
Ludi architects
Mattila, Helena

Merz, Rudi
Nieminen, Sirena
Nuutinen, Henna
Paakkanen, Mikko
Pietilä, Jesse
Pitkäjärvi, Anni
Pylvänäinen, Atte
Pärnänen, Inni
Randebrock, Lea
Ripatti, Timo

Ryhänen, Juha
Suortti, Anssi
Särökaari, Hanna
Särökaari, Hanna
& Ulvio, Elina
Takahashi, Yuka
Toivonen, Riku
Elina Ulvio
Vanhakartano, Santeri
Vilkman, Jari-Pekka
Väre, Laura