Yrjö Kukkapuro

Professor and furniture designer Yrjö Kukkapuro is one of the most distinguished furniture designers of our time. His output is characterized by its open-mindedness and innovative spirit. He is a significant and timely continuator of the Scandinavian functionalist tradition.

Respect for the nature of materials, as well as structurally-based thinking, provide a reliable and timeless framework for even his boldest creations. His distinctive furniture designs are aesthetically and ergonomically refined. Graphical elements and plasticity are seamlessly interwoven to form a logical and harmonious whole.

Kukkapuro believes that the application of ecology into design will greatly inspire and encourage modern designers. He classified ecology, ergonomics and aesthetics as the three key elements in furniture design.

People want products to be reliable, durable and comfortable, all of these points are closely related to ecology.

Kukkapuro´s works have been selected for the collections of the world´s major museums, including New York´s Museum of Modern Art and London´s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Source: Yrjö Kukkapuro Furniture Designer by Fang Hai